About Our Work

HireForexTrader.com is not another Forex live trading chat room with bogus promises.We achieve results by defining our goals and utilizing the best Forex trading strategies.  We analyze currencies and their histories, as well as follow the patterns of candlestick. Join our team and we will do the research and analysis, tell you what pairs to trade, and what time to jump-in.  You do not need to have prior experience or knowledge in the market; all you need to know is how to place your order and when you would like to opt-out.  HireForexTrader.com is a day trader which means you can pay as you go, starting with rates as low as $13 for 30 minutes of trading.



Our Services

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    We Are The Best

    • With us, you will find Currency Trading exciting and fun! Traders who fail, tend to have no FOREX training or are mislead by wrong information -  why pay thousands of dollar to some trade guru when you can come on live trade with us for as low as $13?  We will direct you through the […]

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    How It Works

    • We provide our members with unparalleled services and the best trading time and pairs. We conduct the research and analysis so all you have to do is follow our instructions. Assess the quality of our service by joining our live trading e-Events.  Whether you are brand new to Forex trading or have been trading for […]